Experience Quiet Canada (EQ Canada) brings you the ultimate party experience -- providing premium wireless headphones that give party-goers control, while keeping the surrounding noise level quiet.

Our multi-channel headphones allow as many as 3 DJ’s to perform to the same audience at the same time. Each DJ would have a dedicated channel, letting partiers switch to the music they want to hear.  The colour of the LED lights on the headphones will indicate which DJ is being played.

Our party-goers have control of the volume, and can slide the headphones off at any time to have a normal conversation without shouting over music.

Think of all the hot spots that were previously off-limits – they’re not anymore! Throw parties at patios, parks and pools, without ever getting a noise complaint!

Our headphones aren’t just limited to parties – they can be used for weddings, yoga/fitness classes, tours, outdoor events like movies, plays and so much more!

EQ Canada is committed to bringing you a unique party experience, because silence never sounded so good!

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